From Thoughts To Actions

After writing the last post, (more so updating and editing it) I realize that all that was said was just that. Words. So I’ve decided to follow through and formulate a way to enable that change from within.   So in order for me to do this, I , as well as those of you reading, must first change from within and free myself of that which holds me back.

I was once told to be a flower. Hearing that at first made me question what did that even mean. A flower? Not a lion, eagle or maybe a tiger or anything empowering? Nope. A flower, and as they began to explain it to me I had to first listen to what they were trying to say to me.  So as I put aside the normal train of thought about what sounded cool, and open my ears as they explained to me that a flower does not compete with anything other than itself as it grows. It’s main focus is to grow and blossom. It doesn’t concern itself with being anything other than what it is. It only needs sunlight, which in this case positive thoughts, self affirmations and encouragement, water and nutrients for food, which eating healthy would be its equivalence. Adding of course healthy soil, which would be immersing yourself in an environment for you to plant your roots deep enough not to blow away, and not deep enough to where it struggles.  So find your comfort zone, where ever or whatever it may be.

So with that being said, lets see what would help us become such a magnificent flower.

I mentioned before about positive thoughts, and self affirmations. If you’re unfamiliar with the later, it’s basically like a mantra or saying that you tell yourself. An example would be “today is going to be a good day”.  By saying this to yourself, you slowly alter your mindset into actually believing it, thus allowing you to become more receptive to the idea, and with time, remove other negative thoughts in your mind. So whatever it is your trying to overcome, tell yourself you can, just like the Little Engine That Could.




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