Keep The Fire Burning

I’m not sure how everyone is, but for me, I sometimes find myself losing the motivation to keep up with the desire of becoming a better person. There’s many reason for it, however, when I keep in mind what my goals are, the fire inside me begins to consume me once again. I no longer become tired, lazy, or helpless and I find ways to push past these mental and physical roadblocks and move forward. The things I want in life slowly creep into my mind and whisper to me. And in those moments, I realize how important it is to not give in to my earthly desires, but more of which can feed my soul and make me happy in the long run.

I don’t believe I need lots of money, big mansions, or dozens of exotic sports cars. I would just like a nice simple life to enjoy. Whether it’s with a family of my own, or just being able to spend time with friends and family. I would love to own a mustang, and rebuild it eventually, and a career that I would enjoy every day of my life that allows me to have everything that i need That’s what I wake up for every day. Nothing more, nothing less.

So I do what I must, and keep working hard.  My mantra…”Starve the Ego, and Feed the Soul.”


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