Dedication Leads To Fruition

Many things go on in life, and it is up to is to stay focused on the task at hand, and preserve towards your goals. No matter how many times it’s said, nothing can make words of encouragement more valuable until the words can be understood first hand.  Wisdom bestowed gains it’s strength once the power is realized and applied.  There is nothing more powerful than a focused mind, body and soul


What Am I Doing?

Sometimes i know what im doing, and more often i don’t. I have an idea, i have means to accomplish them but for some reason i dont move any further. I see doors opening, i see opportunities and everything anyone would want right there just waiting for me to just act upon it, yet i freeze, or i get distracted or i just procrastinate. I don’t know why, and i feel as if im going going through the stages of regression. The energy i once had is slowly being drained, and although i can maintain a high level of positivity, i feel tired, weary and want to just sleep. Maybe i need to just sleep in for the day and embrace the feeling. Maybe take a nap in the park, or something. i cant seem to mediate on anything, and my circle has become so small that its no longer that. In a new place, and those around me are shady at best, and their intentions are unknown. These thoughts linger, and perhaps i need to change what i allow to come into my mind and purge it. clear it with a book or express myself more vividly. I need to work more on my projects and other activities. Or maybe im just doubting myself. Whatever the case i choose not to let this stay and to continue to bring me down. I need to look forward to what i want. i need to stay positive and motivated. I need to talk to more people and encourage them so that i can gain back some of my own motivation.  and definitly take a nap.